Sell Your Method – Requirements & Fees – Time To Make Money



Sell Your Method – Requirements & Fees – Time To Make Money


Thank you for your interest in selling your money making guide at Time To Make Money marketplace.


Before you send us your guide for an initial verification and approval, you must understand our philosophy and what kind of content we want to provide to our buyers. As our logo shows you, we are strictly against bullshit & deja-vu guides. Our first objective as a money methods marketplace is to provide quality, never-seen before & efficient money guides.



Please, review carefully the criteria below before sending us your method/ebook/course for review :


✅ Your method must be unique, not copied/rephrased/rewritten, never shared/shown/leaked before on any forum, blog or YouTube video.

✅ Do not sell copyrighted content, or which includes content that doesn’t have the authorisation.

✅ Your earnings must reflect the potential of the method.

✅ Be ready for a monthly deep check of your earnings (via Skype or Zoom) to make sure it’s not fake.

✅ If an external update/change is released (for example an algorithm update from Google or Facebook), you must make sure that it doesn’t impact your guide, and if it does, update it as soon as possible so that the users can continue earning money from your method.

✅ You must provide support for at least 1 month after the buyer purchases your guide.

✅ You agree to share your contact details with the buyer after he/she purchases your guide.

✅ You agree to be paid either via PayPal, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies or Payoneer.



If you do not meet all the requirements listed above, please do not intent to sell your guide on Time To Make Money.



About The Fees For Selling Here


The cost is $200 per method monthly for the first 12 months, after that it is 100% free of charge (as long as your method is working and your buyers still make decent money from it).

You will be given the opportunity to review your method sales page before it is posted. An approval is normally done within 24 working hours.

You will have access to your account in order to answer the users’ questions via the website comments system.

In case you need to modify your ad/images, please let us know what kind of modification you wish to bring and if it doesn’t breach our terms, we will approve it within 24 working hours.

You also agree that your guide becomes eligible for a bundle sale, meaning that it will be sold with other guides within a package (bundle) at a lower price (in case of special offer or discount). We do not take any commission on those bundles. We can help you design sales banners/ads for free (if you don’t already have).




If you agree with all the above terms, please feel free to send us an email at with your guide as well as your earnings details (price will be determined based upon your method’s potential and efficiency). Approval time can take up to 7 working days and can require further verifications to make sure it meets all our criteria.