F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions – Time To Make Money


F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions – Time To Make Money


We aim to provide you with a quality service, and hereby we do our best to answer all your questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to ask us your question by email to support@timetomakemoney.net .


How Does Time To Make Money Work?

✅ Time To Make Money is a marketplace, where money makers can sell their methods. If their methods meet strict criteria, they are allowed to sell it here after our approval and verifications. Once you see a method listed, you can check its sales page, details about, what it involves and what it doesn’t, its price etc… You can after decide which method(s) you want to purchase. After payment, you receive the method directly by email within a maximum of 4 hours.


Are The Methods Here Guaranteed To Work & Are They Really Unique?

✅ At Time To Make Money, we approve only methods that have never been shared before and have been proven to be efficient. We check each month with all the sellers (via Zoom / Skype so they can’t fake) that their earnings are real, thus making sure they still make money from their method. If it’s not the case, we remove immediately their method from our marketplace to prevent any abuse. So yes, you will definitely make money if you follow the method you purchase.


Are Your Methods Up To Date – Are They Still Working?

✅ If you see that a method is still listed, it means that it still works perfectly fine. As described above, we check each month with all the sellers (via Zoom / Skype so they can’t fake) that their earnings are real, thus making sure they still make money from their method. If it’s not the case, we remove immediately their method from our marketplace to prevent any abuse or potential issue. Regarding the up to date aspect, all our sellers are required to make sure that their method/ebook/course is still working with the latest updates, for example if a new Google or Facebook algorithm is released, they must make sure that it doesn’t affect their method, and if it does, to update immediately their guide with the necessary infos. All our buyers receive free lifetime updates for their purchase.


How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Method?

✅ We have two range of prices. Depending on the method and sellers’ prices, a method will cost either $49 or $99 (in USD). Sometimes we may offer special bundle offers, which include multiple methods in one single package (price depends of what is included in the package).


How Long Does It Take To Receive My Method After Purchase?

✅ After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive your method directly by email (PDF if ebook, mp4 videos if courses + potential templates/bonuses). All the methods are delivered within a maximum of 4 hours after purchase, as we manually process some payments. If you don’t receive your method after 4 hours, don’t hesitate to message us, our team will be glad to help you.


Is Support Provided By The Method’s Author After Purchase?

✅ Yes, all the methods’ sellers have the obligation to provide support to their buyer for at least 1 month (it’s one of our conditions to sell guides here). Depending on the sellers’ conditions, support can be provided either by email, Skype, TeamViewer etc… Some sellers also provide personal mentoring without any additional fees.


How Can I Contact A Method Seller?

✅ If you wish to contact a seller before buying his method, please send a message to support@timetomakemoney.net and we will forward your question(s) to him and his answer(s) to you. We do that to respect their privacy, however note that after purchase you will receive all their contact details, including their email address & other contact details (Skype, Discord, WhatsApp etc..).


What If I Am Not Happy With A Method I Purchased? Can I Ask For A Refund?

✅ It can happen that you’re not getting what you expected, however at Time To Make Money our first concern is the quality and authentcity of the method. Therefore, we consider our money methods as real and working, and due to the nature of our service (digital goods that you can’t “return” like a physical object), we cannot provide refunds. However, if you have a valid reason that can be considered as force majeure, you can always contact your method’s author, who can issue a refund for you at his discretion.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept? Is It Safe To Pay At Time To Make Money?

✅ We accept major payment methods, including credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Union Pay…), PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Alipay, Perfect Money and most of the Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Litecoin etc…). It is 100% safe to pay, as you are always redirected to a trusted payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe. We will never ask you for any username or password. We also use an ultra secure 256 bit SSL encryption, which guarantees the security and transmission of all data.


I Don’t See Many Dates / Timestamps On The Website, Is That Normal?

✅ Yes it is 100% normal. It’s not a technical bug or a marketing trick. We have chosen to apply this chance in order to give a chance to every seller to get more visibilty on their methods, whether they posted their guide for sale before or after each other. As you know (explained above), a guide that is listed for sale means that it is still valid, whether it has been posted this year, one year ago or even the next year. We check each month with each seller to make sure that their method meet our strict eligibility criteria (efficiency, monthly earnings checks, up-to-date etc…).


Can I Sell My Method? What Are The Requirements?

✅ Yes, as Time To Make Money is a marketplace, you can submit your method for review in order to sell it here. Note that we have extremely strict criteria to be able to sell your guide, you can consult those requirements in the dedicated page. We have an absolut anti-gurus & anti-bullshit policy, to make sure our users end up with a quality & unique guide, and of course that they make money from it. If you (potential seller) plan to get a free guide on internet, rephrase it, rebrand it and make fake earnings screenshots/videos, you’re definitely in the wrong place.


Still have a question? Please feel free to contact us at support@timetomakemoney.net